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Brisket Turkey and Sausage by the LB
Smoked Brisket
$14.50 a pound

Full Rack of Ribs


Brisket SandwichBrisket SandwichPickles, Onions & sauce,

Hang Down Wrap Around
Sausage Wrap (Sausage Wrap) on bread With or without sauce $4.00 Stuffed Potato Bake Potato Brisket or Saugage Butter, Cheese, Sauce, Sour Cream $8.50 Plain Potato Butter, Cheese, Sour Cream $6.00 Brisket Taco Pickles, Onions, Sauce, Cheese and Sour Cream $5.00 Plates your choice of 1, 2, or 3 meats Brisket Ribs Smoked Brisket Sausage Turkey 1 Meat, 2 Sides One Meat Plate $11.00 2 Meats, 2 Sides Two meat plate$12.50 3 Meats, 2 Sides $14.00 Sides Outlaw Corn, Beans, Baked Potato Salad Small $2.00 Large $4.00 Chips $1.00 Drinks Water, Coke, Diet Coke, Dublin Texas Soda Cherry Limeade, Rootbeer, Vintage Cola, Grape, Red/Vanilla, and Orange $2.00 MoonShine Sweet Tea, and UnSweet $2.50